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TFM (Total Filter Management)

We at AFi realized first the need of a 'Total Filter Management'* program for customers in the Automotive & HVAC industries much ahead of its competitors.

*This program has also been extended to the automotive, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industry. All onsite support engineers receive extensive training and client reports are mainly generated through customized software - Another First in the air filtration industry.

Validation (Clean Room Validation)

AFi validation service provides the environmental conditions of the clean rooms that have been defined in the HVAC ORDER from the USER PROCESS REQUIREMENTS.

Cleanroom & cleanroom equipments are a major capital investment for you to get contamination control environment. Regular testing helps you to know whether investment is operating properly.

Regular validation minimizes product defects, costly downtime & hence increases productivity. AFi validation team is providing independent customer-friendly cleanroom validation & Celanroom Certification service with sophisticated calibrated instruments.

AFi are well equipped with the latest sophisticated imported clean room validation instruments & related products:-

Aerosol Generator - TEC Services, INC

Aerosol Photometer - TEC Services, INC

Portable Laser Particle Counter - Met One

Hand Held Particle Counter - Met One