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We at Air Filter Industries Pvt. Ltd. design & manufacture a comprehensive line of Industrial Air Filters to meet your specific application. Our range is designed for HVAC, Automotive, and other industrial, commercial and residential areas. Our Air Filters are the best in working, performance and life. Also, they provide maximal protection for compressors, vacuum systems, blowers, engines, and other air-handling equipment. We have the right air-cleaning solution for any environment, which is cost-effective, efficient and productive. As a key Cartridge Filters manufacturer, exporter & supplier, we keep up with economical and effective filtration solutions. We provide our customers with excellent air-filtration products that ensure lower operating & maintenance costs, higher energy efficiency and longer life.

With 8 regional offices across different places in India as well as Abroad and a Hi-Tech Manufacturing Plant situated at Kolkata, we serve the customers with latest and innovative technology. We have also designed a user-friendly Total Filter Management (TFM) System for all our HVAC and Automotive clients. This system is currently under execution at different customers' site, who have been benefiting with much better air quality and reduced costs of operation throughout the year.

At our Kolkata plant, we are equipped with the latest ASHRAE 52.2 (U Shaped) Test Rig and latest sophisticated testing equipments, such as DOP scanning & tester, particle counters, rook test machine. Further, we are registered with a few reputed 3rd party testing authorities for our entire product range. We are an ISO 9001, SGS, CE and UL certified establishment in the field of Industrial Air Filters.

We are an ISO9001, CE, SGS and UL certified company